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This is the official site for the Inner Fire Temple, based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In ancient times, from puberty onwards, men and women could access highly trained temple priestesses and master teachers who would initiate them into the knowledge and power of their sacred sexual energies with honour, dignity, and care. Such mentors would use a combination of counselling, teaching, storytelling, ceremony, and hands-on somatic work to prepare a person for a healthy and pleasurable adult sexual life, or to help them heal themselves from sexual wounding or trauma.

This role has been all but lost in the contemporary Western world, and as a result we look to religion, to government, to media, to the medical profession, and to our familial and peer groups to tell us what place sexuality should occupy in our lives. We no longer trust the communications of our bodies, our intuition, or our knowledge of what we need or desire sexually because we have been conditioned to make our experiences fit what we see “out there”. We look for the “Truth” outside of us, when the only place to discover it is within us.

The Inner Fire Temple was founded by sacred sexual healer Shahrazad in 2008 as a center where people of all ages, races, sexual preferences and gender identities can be guided to learn how to rediscover and take ownership of their sexual energy to manifest healing, personal growth, and spiritual development. The Inner Fire Temple offers counselling and coaching, experience-based teaching, sacred intimacy, and educational seminars on a wide variety of sexuality-related issues and topics.

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