About Shahrazad

It is said that when a person finds their true calling, they will pursue it with a determination that transcends all obstacles. Beginning with her awareness at age 13 that she was to become a healer, Shahrazad abandoned social convention to follow the magnetic pull of her unshakable vision: to restore humanity’s experience of sexual expression in all its forms to the sacred status it occupied in ancient times.

Indeed, she possesses the kind of dynamic wisdom that comes from having tested and validated all that she has learned about sex and spirit through the medium of her own life experience. Compassionate, playful, perceptive, and non-judgemental, Shahrazad has a special ability to help just about anyone feel at home with the parts of themselves that they had feared too unacceptable, shameful, or wrong to see the light of day.

Shahrazad has a Bachelor of Social Work degree with honours from Ryerson University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Sexuality Studies from York University. She is an active apprentice to the ancient shamanic teachings of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, and assists with the Chuluaqui Quodoushka spiritual sexuality workshops in the US and Canada. She has also undergone and successfully completed initiation by Kemetic Priestess Nut Tmu Ankh Butterfly Dreaming into the lineage of Sh’ti Mer Orgasmic Alchemy Healers.

Shahrazad has over 8 years of experience doing psycho-therapeutic and somatic work with men and women, re-connecting them to the transformative power of the pleasure that is their birthright. She is LGBT, kink, and sex industry-friendly.


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